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London’s Harrow Central Mosque hosts talk on Islam’s anti-terrorist stance

SHAFAQNA – London’s Harrow Central Mosque (HCM) hosted on Tuesday, in partnership with the Muslim Youth Circle, an evening of talks to condemn ISIS actions and speak about the core values of the faith.

The event, called “ISIS: Not In My Name” was held to explain that the activities of the terrorist group do not represent mainstream Islam, and included Islamic scholars who delivered a series of talks on the issue.

Mohammad Rahman, trustee of HCM, said: “We are very proud to have hosted this landmark event and particularly delighted by the reception it has received from the wider non-Muslim community.

“We want there to be no doubt that we absolutely condemn the actions of ISIS and are committed to providing our children with a sound Islamic education so they truly understand the message of peace and unity that underpins Islam.”

Gareth Thomas, Labour member of British parliament for Harrow West, added: “Well done Harrow Central Mosque for organizing the anti-ISIS event and encouraging anti-radicalization action in our local community.”

Noteworthy that Harrow Central Mosque, spreading over a sprawling area of 64,000 square feet, is one of the largest mosques in the UK.


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