Lucknow: A tea vendor teaches Islamic morals

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

One need not acquire a degree to teach morals. Proving this point, Sarwar Husain, a tea vendor put up banners in old city to teach moral teachings of Islam not just for Muslim but to all those passing through Azadari road during Moharram.

The stretch between Chota Imambada to Bada Imambada popularly known as Azadari road is draped with black banners with moral teachings of Islam painted on it. “I have been doing this work from past 15 years and got appreciation from the people about it. Not only Muslims but people from other religions too find it interesting when they came across it,” said Sarwar Husain.

The banners teach about day-to-day lifestyle, good behaviour and manners, loving neighbours, improving society, and many more. There were more than 70 such banners which he started installing at least a week before moharram. “I just want to teach people about the morals which Islam talks about and if one goes through these banners they would find it interesting as it talks about daily life. Even Hazrat Imam Husain taught many related to sanitation, healthy habits and building better society,” he said.

For him its not the source of earning but he takes it as responsibility towards society. He said in the early days I took up this task as mission to make people about morals taught in Islam and Karbala. As the day passed many people offered to join the cause. For my earning I run a tea stall and this work is my social responsibility.

“These banners are not only interesting but informative too. Like one I read: ‘To remain safe from stomach problems one should drink water in between meals’. I read them and every year I find a new thing in these,” said Azam Ali, a local.

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