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Lucknow: Al-Gadir Quiz Competition in Chota Imambada

Shafaqna (International Shia News Association)

The first digital Islamic Quiz Competition held in Lucknow, “Al-Ghadir Quiz Contest’ Season 2 being organized in collaboration with India’s Ahlulbayt assembly.

Therefore, the selection of participants for the final round played in the written examination held in St. John’s Inter College (October 14) made​​. Most to 50 people took part. 6 best participants will be chosen from the test results of the October 16 final round play in the smaller Imambara.

The purpose of this program is the right thing to Islam and the Quran to understand people is to create awareness. In this contest 35 years from 18 years of age who are taking part.

This counter is placed to increase children’s awareness of the people about Islam through game play, learn many new things. It is a game in which the Koran entirely Eletronic will be asked several questions. To encourage them to other participants in the same certificate on October 16 will be the Chota Imambara.

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