Lucknow Shiite clerics in demand abroad for Muharram programs

SHAFAQNA –  Do not be surprised if you find the airport crowded with Shia clerics, because these clerics from Lucknow are now being invited from all parts of the world to address the Muharram majlis, a religious congregation during the period of mourning.

Well known Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Sadiq is already in London for the first 12 days of Moharram and will then tour other parts of Europe to hold the majlis.

Another Shia cleric, Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar, will soon be flying to London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to address the majlis.

Maulana Habeeb Haider, who has been addressing the religious congregations in parts of Europe including Denmark, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands and England since 2007, explains, “The clerics from Lucknow are much in demand overseas because this city is the intellectual hot seat of the Shia sect in India.”

He said that the Muharram majlis must be addressed is a simple language that can be understood by the youth and the society in the western countries. The clerics should also be speaking on new topics that concern the youth of such countries and Islam in general, which clerics from Luck-now are well versed with.

Maulana Habeeb Haider said that in countries like the United States, the majlis is marked by a question and answer session from Muslim youth who are more cosmopolitan in this country compared to other nations.

“We get questions like the Islamic code of conduct in areas of work and travelling, on test tube babies and Islam’s stand on euthanasia. The clerics should be well informed to be able to answer such questions,” he said.

Topics such as human rights, terrorism, Islamic jurisprudence, critical analysis of ideas put forth and authenticity of historical references to be maintained.

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