What was Luqman’s advice to his child?


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Luqman (RA) who advised his son by saying: O’ my child, there will never be friendship between wolf and sheep, and also there is no friendship between good-doer (the righteous) and evil-doer (the wicked). If a person comes close to dirt, inevitably some of it will stick to his/her body, also if a person mixes with the sinner, will learn some of his/her methods. The one, who likes to pick a quarrel, will be insulted. The one who goes to a disreputable place, will be accused and under suspicion. The one, who socializes with bad people, cannot survive. The person, who cannot control his/her tongue, will be regretful. My child; be the servant of good people, and do not be the child of bad people! Be trustworthy in order that your world and the hereafter remain safe and healthy, because God does not like traitors. My child; when your heart feels sinful, do not pretend to people that you fear God [1].

[1] Mizanul Hekmah, Hadith 4429.


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