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Macabre iPhone App Predicts When You’ll Die


SHAFAQNA – Want to know when you’ll die? There’s an app for that.

The Deadline app uses algorithms used by insurers – together with the Apple iPhone health tracking capabilities – to predict when you’ll draw your last breath.

After completing a short quiz about your lifestyle, the app taps into the data which newer iPhones now record – such as number of steps taken each days and flights of stairs climbed.

It then presents the user with a countdown clock showing how long it will be until their demise.

The countdown clock also appears on the phone’s lock screen, meaning that every time a user checks their phone they are given a reminder of their mortality.

While the app seems like a gimmick, increasing the amount of exercise carried out each day can extend the amount of life the app shows as remaining.

This means it could encourage some people to be aware of their levels of physical activity.

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