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“Mahdism in View of Religions” Forum Held in Afghanistan

SHAFAQNA- According to Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), the Tebyan Center of Cultural-Social Activities hosted the program on January 15.

Mowlavi Abdul Rauf Tavana, Sunni scholar and secretary of the Islamic Brotherhood Council in north of Afghanistan, said in the program that not only Shias but also Sunni Muslims believe in Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his advet) and there are more than 100 hadiths in Sunni sources in this respect.

He said that there are some minor differences in Shia and Sunni beliefs but Muslims should not the enemies to create divisions in the Islamic Ummah using such differences.

Hojat-ol-Islam Amir Mohammad Ziyayi, deputy of the Islamic Brotherhood Council in Balkh and Moulawi Hafiz Modiri were other speakers in the program.

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