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Main factors of friendship

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) –

A) Freindship between God and human being

It seems that the main factors of freindship between God and human are firstly believe in God and then obeying the Almighty. On the other hand, reasons for avoiding God are, to consider partners for the Divine Being and then disobeying the Almighty. Ayahs 31-32 of Surah Al-e-Imran said: Say: Obey God and the Prophet, then if they refused, they must know that God does not like unbelievers.

B) Freindship between Human and human

The factors of freindship between humans are benevolent to each other and assist one another. On the contrary the reasons for avoiding each other are to wish bad for one another and oppress each other. If we expect help and respect from people, we must start from ourselves. We must be kind to people for them to reciprocate. Imam Ali (AS) said: Ask the hearts about the friendship because they are witnesses who will not accept bribe [1].

[1] Qerarul Hekam, Vol. 1, Page 219.

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