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Majlisi: Iran and the US have serious disagreements over Israel

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SHAFAQNAA Former Iranian diplomat said “Trump has raised up the proposal of negotiation so that if he could negotiate, then he would guarantee his own interests at the lowest cost and if this offer becomes refused, he will tell the world that he has done everything to resolve disagreements with Iran. In fact, he has begun a two-way game”. 

In a conversation with the political correspondent of Shafaqna about Donald Tramp’s recent bid of negotiate without precondition with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Fereydoun Majlisi told “there are two hypotheses about this suggestion. One hypothesis is that the president of the United States has abandoned his former platform. The second hypothesis also is that with planning this proposal, Trump intends to oppose Iran through another trick. I think in this regard the second hypothesis is closer to reality”.

Former Iranian diplomat emphasized on the fact that Trump has not changed and his political platform do not differ from nomination period in the presidential election.

He expressed that “Trump’s behavior during his presidency indicates clearly that his recent platform about Iran is the same as his response toward Iran nuclear deal. And its main reason is fully support of the Israeli regime”.

“Trump has repeatedly shown fully support of this regime and this subject make the first hypothesis about negotiation a bit unlikely”, He added.

Majlisi emphasized that “any talks between Iran and the United States would be a privilege for the Trump. Of course, Trump tends to solve his disagreements through negotiation and at a lower cost, and this could be a success for him. But the issue is that Iran and the United States have a serious disagreement over an issue, Israel. Perhaps, it is possible to offer solutions for solving other issues but it is needed to be careful about this issue”.