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Manama dialogue participants urged to press for political dialogue between opposition and regime


SHAFAQNA – Al Wefaq’s Secretary General Sheikh Ali Salman has sent a message to the participants in the Manama Dialogue security summit welcoming them from his prison cell in Bahrain. In his message he said:
I hope you receive my message from Bahrain’s prison where thousands are jailed for demanding the security you are talking about in your meeting.

In Bahrain there is a persecuted people living under a security fist, and denied the right of life, basic rights and freedom of expression. The majority of Bahrainis don’t feel secure, they are paying a high price for demanding democracy and respect of human rights.

Bahrain has been witnessing a nationwide popular uprising since 2011, nonstop suppression, but the biased media hides the this scene so you and the world will not see it.

We’re hoping the participants in the Manama Dialogue will urge Bahrain to respond to the legitimate and rightful demands of its people.

The people of Bahrain are demanding an elected government, a real parliament, a fair judiciary and security for all. Support us.

In Bahrain, thousands are jailed or wounded, hundreds are dismissed from jobs, denied security and religious freedom.

Bahrain government is distributing Bahraini nationality against the law, there is wide discrimination against a sect and looting of public funds. I invite the Manama Dialogue guests to help in finding a real dialogue between the opposition and the regime to reach a political solution.Al Wefaq,

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