Marriage Ceremony Anniversary of Imam Ali (A.S.) with Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.)


SHAFAQNA- Bibi Fatimah (S.A.), the best of all women in the universe, the only daughter of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) was married to Imam Ali (A.S.) on the first day of the month of Zil Hajjah in the second year after Hijrah. Bibi Fatima’s wedding was also celebrated in the exalted heavens, and attended by the nearest angels to Allah, the Exalted.
From this marriage Imam Ali (A.S.) and Bibi Fatimah (A.S.) were blessed with two sons, Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.), and two daughters, Bibi Zainab (A.S.) and Bibi Umme Kulthum (A.S.).


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