Mass grave discovered in Neynawa; 80 Iraqi citizens slaughtered by Da’esh

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Baghdad – Local and tribal sources in the Neynawa province reported that a mass grave has been discovered containing more than 80 bodies including Iraqi army officers and university scholars. Zonoon Alsawaf the elder of an Iraqi tribe told Fars News reporter: The tribes and residents of the small town of Alqiara discovered 80 bodies including some security officers and university scholars who were slaughtered by Da’esh terrorists. He pointed to the beheaded and cut to pieces bodies and said: As the bodies are cut to pieces, identifying them is difficult. Alsawaf added: There may be other mass graves in Neynawa because Da’esh slaughtered tens of civilians and members of Police and army when they attacked the province.

Source: Fars News

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