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Mehrnews/ General Soleimani: US, ISIL destined to failure

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) – The redoubtable commander of IRGC Quds forces has predicted a debacle for conspirators of bloody terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq.

Major. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, who was talking to reporters on the sidelines of a meeting held for the memory of IRGC Ground Forces fallen commanders, said resolvedly that “any movement, either small- or large-scale, such as US military campaign or ISIL terrorist actions are predestined to failure, since they lack a crucial element as truth; anything with origins other than truth would not produce any definite outcome, neither would it embrace triumph in the end.”

Soleimani believed that any campaign against Islam, Iran, and Shia ideology would fail, since they had no truth of themselves. “The real factor of success of Islamic Republic of Iran and Islam is this internal truth,” the IRGC commander asserted.

Soleimani predicted a failure as the ultimate destination of what he emphasized to be ‘bloody terrorism in Syria and Iraq,’ for the forces behind such campaigns in the region. “What is important is the end of events; you should wait and see the end; terrorists had not ever come victorious with enduring impact in the history, since they relied upon strategies devoid of truth,” he told reporters.

Commenting on the ‘personal characteristics of the fallen commanders of Islamic Revolution, Soleimani praised them as ‘having in them the quintessence of Imam Khomeini’s character crystallized.’

“Fallen martyrs Shoushtari, Kazemi, Kharrazi, and Hemmat had led schools of ethics and morality more than they had been military commanders; in founding schools of ethic which fostered unique moral codes, they undermined the rules of management in their architecture of school,” said Soleimani.

“Anyone who seeks to know and understand these martyrs, should visit the schools to see the manifestations of their manners, ethics and management,” he added.

The commander of IRGC Quds Forces specifically mentioned martyr Gen. Shoushtari who had profound impact on society thank to his responsibilities in Sistan and Baluchistan, where public “now sees the outcomes of his true character.”

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