Mehrnews: Iranian master of miniatures to open University of Arts

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) Mahmoud Farshchian, a master of Persian painting and miniatures, said, “to establish this university, I have held meetings with Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, Head of President Office and Head of Management and Planning Organization, and Mokhber Dezfuli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Our country requires universities for genuine Islamic-Iranian arts for the fact that our genuine arts have been suffering from great neglect.”

“Once, Persian carpet was number one in the world; now it has dropped down to 40.”, he reproached. “In many countries such as Italy or Austria, there are universities and research centers for their genuine arts, but there are no such places here in Iran.”

He went on saying, “West-oriented intellectuals, a lack of proper study on Iranian culture, and some conflicts have led to art being imposed on us from abroad.”

“There will be courses on Iranian arts, handicrafts, carpet designs, artwork design and management in this university”, Farshchian further explained, “Commissioning this university can, in addition to creating job opportunities, promote our products in the field of art, and we will be witness to the astounding outcomes of this university in two years time.”

As to whether he will be teaching in this university or not, he answered, “due to my age I cannot teach but I will withhold nothing to support this project.”

Mahmoud Farshchian is a master of Persian painting and miniatures. He was born in the city of Isfahan in Iran, a place famed for its art and artists, and it was here where he started to learn art, painting and sculpting. His masterpieces have been hosted by several museums and exhibitions worldwide. He’s the most modernizer of the field of miniatures, an art form which was first established in Ancient Persia and later spread to China and Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.


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