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Miracles Imam Ali Musa ar-Reza (A.S.)



Poem by: By: Ku Midhat
Created him from light Allah
And gave him power and might Allah
Wrote his name on Laoh-e-Mahfooz
As eighth Imam on Laohe-e Mahfooz
Reza�s grandma was Hakeema
Saw Prophet in dream Hakeema
Said Prophet marry Kazim to Najma
Very pious lady is Najma
So Musi-e-Kazim was married
To Najma Khatoon he was married
Then Imam Ali-e-Reza was born
As Proof of God, as Imam was born
His body was clean full of fragrance
Spread from body the sweat fragrance
Soon after birth he bowed his head
Did sajda to Allah bowing his head
He sat up, recited Kalema
Of Tawheed, Risalat, Imamat Kalma
Shone from him the strong and divine light
Made earth and skies bright the light

Ali Reza was made from light
He was the embodiment of light
His head chest and body were light
His hands and feet and fingers were light
When he used to walk in darkness
By miracle abolished the darkness
He used to raise his both the hands
And used to shine fingers of hands

One day a man came said, �Maola
Help me I have no money Maola
Reza rubbed his whip on the earth
By his miracle opened the earth
There was a valuable treasure
There were golden bricks in treausure
He picked up and gave to man a brick
Man became rich by selling the brick

Absence of rain was in the city
And crops were failing In the city
People were starving, suffering
Could not bear starving, suffering
They begged Imam Reza to help
Save them from starvation and help
Reza raised hands and prayed to God
Before he completed praying to God
Fell from the skies such heavy rain
Filled ponds and ditches the heavy rain
Allah�s Mercy was Imam Reza
People praised great Imam Reza
After some days came to him man
�You did not get rain.� Said the man
The rain had stopped from a long time
It had to fall, it fell this time
If you are true Imam, Reza
Look at the picture O Reza
That is the picture of lion
You make alive picture of lion
Then I will have full faith in you
You�re true Imam I will believe you
The great and powerful Ali Reza
Looked at the picture Ali Reza
And ordered it to become alive
At once the lion became alive
Reza was Imam, a great Imam
And he was very powerful Imam

Seventy three were Isme �Aazam
Allah�s sacred names Isme �Aazam
Every name had a high power
The Prophets Imams got high power
God gave seventy two Isme� �Aazam
Gave to Reza those Isme� Aazam
Sulaiman�s successor was Asif
Had just one Isme �Aazam Asif
By its power in blink of eye
Got Bilqis� throne in blink of eye
Seventy two Isme �Aazam got Reza
None can imagine power of Reza

Reza got respect from Prophets
Khizr and Ilyas living Prophets
They came greeted Ali Reza
Were happy to meet Ali Reza

For business used to go travelers
Out of their city went the travelers
On way robbers gave them hard time
They robbed them and gave them hard time
The travelers came to Ali Reza
�Save us from robbers.� Said to Reza
Imam Reza gave them the coins
His name was written on the coins
He told them to tie on right arm
And travel by tying them on the arm
They tied and got his protection
By miracle got his protection
Then the robbers did not rob them
Imam�s miracle protected them

A hunter went hunting in the woods
He caught a mother deer in woods
And brought her with him in the city
Fawns were in woods Mom was in city
She cried and begged Imam Reza
�You please get me freed Imam Reza
My babies are hungry I have to feed them
I will return after feeding them
Imam Reza said to hunter
Free deer for a whle O hunter
I will be guaranter that she�ll come
After feeding babies she will come
For sake of Imam He left the deer
After feeding came back the deer
The great Imam got her released
And permanently he got her released

Allah said to Prophet Muhammad
Through Jibraeel said to Muhammad
�LA ILAHA ILLALLAH� is my fort
Who said this Kalma entered the fort
Whoever entered the fort of Me
Got protection from punishment by Me
But (surely) there are conditions
One condition, more conditions
First condition is true faith in Allah
Reciter should have true faith in Allah
More conditions are faith in Ma�sumeen
Altogether faith in fourteen Ma�sumeen
I am one of them said Reza
Condition of Kalma is I

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