Moldovan parliamentary election results:Voters divided between Russia, EU

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Partial results from the Moldovan parliamentary election show that the voters are divided between pro-Europe parties and pro-Russia ones.

Pro-Europe parties garnered 42.5 percent of the vote on Sunday, while pro-Russia parties gained 41 percent after 52 percent of all the votes were counted.

Pro-Russian parties took a strong lead based on early results, but as more votes were counted, the gap closed.

According to earlier results, Moldova’s pro-Moscow parties, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, came first and second, respectively.

Pro-Europe parties, the Liberal Democrats and the Democrats, ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Authorities said the final turnout was 55.86 percent of the total electorate.

People in the tiny and poor former Soviet republic, with a population of less than 4 million, have been hesitant between re-electing the current pro-European coalition, that has ruled the country since 2009, and choosing parties that want closer economic ties with Russia.

Pro-Moscow parties are likely to receive votes from people who are angry with the government’s alleged corruption.

Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the Communist Party of Moldova, said he was voting for Moldova to get rid of corruption.

A 62-year-old voter said, “We want to be close to Russia because Russia will give us a good life and we get cheap gas and can export our goods there.”

The supporters of the pro-Europe parties had other viewpoints.

“We expect a better country after these elections. A beautiful future. A European future for our children, for our grandchildren and for all our country,” said a 56-year-old.

Moldova is a parliamentary republic in which the 101-seat parliament elects the president.





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