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PRESS RELEASE – The MONA RELIEF ORGANIZATION is calling today on all bloggers and websites’ administrators to carry its newest fundraising campaign for Yemen.

Battered by war and suffocated by an illegal humanitarian blockade against its people on account of their faith and political inclinations, Yemenis have weathered unbearable hardship.

Over 20 million people require immediate humanitarian assistance and well over 1.2 million children have already been classified by UNICEF as being chronically malnourished.

Famine is not longer a threat, it have become a reality.

We, at the Mona Relief Organization refuse to give up while men, women and children are being robbed of their future and humanity. But we cannot act alone!

Under the influence of Saudi Arabia most NGOs and UN-sponsored organizations have been forced to profile their aid according to Riyadh’s criteria – it means that millions of northern Yemenis have been earmarked for starvation, on account they dared exercise their right to religious freedom and political self-determination.

The Mona Relief Organization is going where others refuse to go – but we really on private donations since other avenues have been blocked to us.

And so without you there can be no US.

Help us rekindle hope in the land of Sheba. Let us together bring solace and dignity to a land which history stretches over millennia.

Yemen has been sentenced to death – but we can change that.

Donate generously and help us create a network against injustice.

Please get in touch if you wish to carry our widget on your site:


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