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More than 1500 free-service booths and Free medical attention offered to serve Ashura pilgrims

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SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain: In the month of Muharram, many free-service booths are installed in the holy city of Kerbela to offer free services and free medical attention to Ashura pilgrims.

The assistant director of the Hussainian Processions and Rites Department, co-managed by the Imam Hussain Shrine and the Elabbas Shrine, Mazin Elwezni, said to Imam Hussain Website that more 1500 Hussainian processions and free-service booths have been registered for the coming pilgrimage.

He added, “A plan has been set – in cooperation with Kerbela’s Police Department – to ensure Kerbela’s safety by registering all the participating Hussainian processions and free-service booths at the police department.”

“Locations are being allotted to the free-service booths and mourning processions, where they don’t disturb pilgrims’ traffic. In addition, the Hussainian Processions and Rites Department has set a schedule for the mourning processions to enter the Imam Hussain and the Elabbas Shrines,” said further Elwezni.

Also, The Department of Medical Affairs at the Imam Hussain Shrine has announced Saturday a plan for offering free medical attention to Ashura pilgrims arriving in the holy city of Kerbela.

Lu’ai Hekeem – Medial Affairs Department Director – said, “In cooperation with Kerbela’s Health Department, we have set a plan for the first 10 days of Muharram. And the plan involves several clinics and hospitals that are now offering medical attention to pilgrim patients 24/7.”

A number of medical groups have been spread all over the downtown area and at the entrances of Kerbela to take care of the arriving pilgrims needing medical attention.


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