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Moroccan Memorizer Wins Khartoum Int’l Quran Award

SHAFAQNA – The panel of judges announced Ahmed Abdul Wahhab Ashiri from Morocco as the top winner of the contest.

The runner-up was Muhammad Ahmed from Sudan and the third prize went to Salim Abdullah Alim from Libya.

The three top winners won cash prizes of $40,000, $30,000 and $25,000, respectively.

Representatives of Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritania, Syria, Iran, Sudan and Bangladesh came fourth to tenth.

Members of the panel of judges were also honored at the closing ceremony.

Head of the panel, Sheikh Abdul Rashid Sufi from Qatar, in an address lauded the progress made in the competition in the past few years and thanked the Sudanese people for their hospitality.

The main round of the 9th edition of Khartoum International Quran Award had been underway in the Sudanese capital since Tuesday.

More than 70 Quran memorizers from 51 countries competed for the top prize.

Iran was represented at the international event by Quran memorizer Mohammad Rasoul Takbiri.

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