Mosque in UK suffer for retaliatory attack after Manchester

SHAFAQNA – On the wake of Manchester’s attack this May a mosque in Manchester city – Oldham, was attacked in what is believed to be a retaliotary response.

The Muslim community in Manchester is calling on residents in the city to be careful after the door to the mosque was set on fire in an appalling attack on Tuesday morning.

Images have emerged of a charred door, at the front of Villa Road Mosque, which appears to have been burnt around the letterbox.

The Neighbourhood Watch group posted an image on Twitter.

A local news group said: “Some idiot tried burning Villa road mosque earlier this morning!

“Everyone is sad and upset and confused, many emotions running through every body in the region.

“But (the) person responsible for this fire are (sic) not only doing exactly what the terrorist and the people behind them want you to do but are as bad as them.

“Do the opposite of what they want you to do, be united and come together regardless of whatever backgrounds you from.

“Don’t let them win. The authorities are already strained without this crap to deal with on top of Last night.”

The Central Mosque in the Gorbals, Glasgow was also attacked in the early hours, residents say.

Graffiti with the word “ISIS” in a love heart was sprayed on the wall of the religious center.

It was initially thought to have appeared in the wake of the Manchester attack, however police have now confirmed they received a report on Saturday May 20 about the vandalism.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the Manchester attack was “horrific” and “criminal”.

Secretary general Harun Khan said: “May the perpetrators face the full weight of ju
stice both in this life and the next.

“I pay tribute to the police and emergency services who have worked valiantly to save lives last night.

“They were helped by civilians who rushed in to offer their support.

“I urge all those in the region and around the country to pull together to support those affected.”


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