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Most effective way to confront Daesh is regional cooperation:Envoy

The Iranian ambassador stressed that confrontation with such a threat is not the work of one country and regional countries should cooperate in this concern.

SHAFAQNA – Ankara – Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey Alireza Bigdeli said the most practical way to confront the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) is cooperation between Iran, Turkey and a number of other regional countries.

He made the remarks in a meeting with media persons in the venue of Iran’s embassy in Ankara on Thursday.

Bigdeli added that Iran and Turkey have necessary abilities to solve regional problems.

To a question concerning new approach of Turkey in confrontation with Daesh, Bigdeli said that following release of Turkish diplomats, as it was expected, the government of Turkey took appropriate stances.

Concerning possible extraterritorial operations of Turkey in Syria, which was asked by a reporter, Bigdeli said since Syria is an independent state, every move in this concern should be coordinated by Syrian government and with cooperation of regional countries.

He said confrontation with the resistance in the Middle East region is one of the main reasons for unrest, so it seems that the main solution would be paying serious attention to its root, the Zionist regime, which has been a source of threat since its emergence in the region.

The ambassador said Iran and Turkey have the same viewpoints on terrorism and developments in the region will create closer relations between the two countries.

He added that Iran and Turkey have been damaged by terrorism.

Although we have differences on Syria, we have tried to decrease them and increase our commonalities, said the ambassador.

Concerning Syria, we both believe in the country’s stability and reject foreign interference there.

We believe Syrian problem does not have a military solution and people of Syria should be helped so that they can find a solution by themselves.

Bigdeli concluded that Iran and Turkey have abilities to find regional solutions for regional problems and we will have a secure region when Iran and Turkey and a number of other countries of the region realize these abilities and use them.


Source: IRNA


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