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Mothers in Yemen – #Rice4Yemen campaign launches to bring hope back

Rice4YemenSHAFAQNA – In just a couple of weeks Yemen will have been at war for an entire year.

Yemen has been pounded from the air and starved for an entire year, and yet not a word has been said of Yemenis’ hardship. Their pain and suffering have been thwarted by the implacable will of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the new despot of our time, a criminal of war and a killer of nations in king’s clothing.

Laughter, and joy have long left the land of Yemen … too many deaths have been seen, and too many bitter tears have been cried by tired eyes. But Yemen is not out of resistance yet. Yemen still has the will and determination to stand to the tyrants of this world for it is their children’s future which stand in the balance.

But if a future is to ever manifest, people will have to survive first … and they need food.

It’s time to break the blockade …

Join the Mona Relief campaign: #Rice4Yemen and becomes part Yemen’s liberation movement.




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