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Why mourning ceremonies in Muharram need to be in the right direction?

SHAFAQNA – In the early years of his appointment as Marja’a, the late Grand Ayatollah Borojerdi (RA) with his extraordinary influence, he was informed that the situation of Taziah (kind of performance to portray the characters in Karbala) in Qom was not right; and he invited all the heads of groups of mourning ceremonies to gather in his house. Then he asked them: who is your Marja’a? They all replied: You are; then he said: If I am your Marja’a, it is my Fatwa that these characters whom you portray are Haram. They clearly replied to him: You are our Marja’a during the year except these three four days which we do not follow you at all! Well, this shows that Imam Hussain (AS) is not the goal, Islam is not the goal, and these are performances which are used in other ways, and/or at least they enjoy themselves [1].

[1] Hamaseye Hussaini, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Vol. 1, Page 185.

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