Moving perspectives – Shafaqna Exclusive Interview with Dr Riaz Karim from the Mona Relief Organization

Riaz3SHAFAQNA – In order to bring you, our readers, closer to realities and truths, Shafaqna will conduct a series of exclusive podcast interviews with renown political analysts politicians, officials, religious leaders, and academics.

As always our aim is simple – knowledge.

In a world run, and based on falsehood, Truth has become somewhat of a rare commodity – still, we ought to seek what has been dissimulated as to rise truly free.

As Imam Ali said: “Ask in order to understand, and do not ask in order to find fault, for surely the ignorant man who wants to learn resembles a man of knowledge, and surely a man of knowledge who wants to be difficult resembles an ignorant man who wants to find fault.”

Following is the interview Catherine Shakdam – the Director of Program for the Shafaqna Institute conducted with Dr Riaz Karim – the Director of the Mona Relief Organization in Yemen.

The Mona Relief Organization is the ONLY independent air agency left in Yemen. It was Shafaqna immense privilege to shed some light on what is undoubtedly one of the greatest tragedies of our age. For well over a year Yemenis have suffered a tremendous injustice, and it is our duty this Ramadan to offer some light, and make the darkness recede .. even if only for a while.

We owe our faith this much! We ought to listen, and feel the pain of our community, when it cries out for help.

Following is the interview Shafaqna conducted with Dr Riaz Karim. We kindly invite you to consider donating to the Mona Relief Organization this Ramadan 2016.



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