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Moving US embassy to Jerusalem on Putin-Abbas recent talks

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SHAFAQNA While Israel and Hamas exchanged fire in Gaza on Saturday, Palestinian President met with Russian President. Vladimir Putin on his recent talks with Mahmoud Abbas complains about US moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday hosted Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, reported the Xinhua news agency.

According to Alaraby, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was in Moscow on Saturday to meet Vladimir Putin, just days after the Russian leader hosted Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu met with Putin to discuss Iranian presence in Syria and the latest developments in the civil war raging in the country.

I24news states Netanyahu was in Moscow on Wednesday where the situation in Syria and Palestinian relations were on the agenda of his meeting with Putin. After the meeting the Israeli premier and diplomatic sources suggested Russia had agreed to help push Iranian forces back from areas of Syria near the Israeli border. In exchange, Netanyahu agreed not to actively oppose Syrian president and Russian ally Bashar Al-Assad in his war against rebel and opposition groups.

Putin and Abbas discussed bilateral relations and the situation in the Middle East, the Kremlin said.

“I’m glad of the opportunity to tell you about the contact we have had with your neighbors, and leaders of various countries,” Putin told Abbas as they met at the Kremlin, in quotes carried by Russian agencies.

“I know that the situation in the region is difficult and we are grateful that you have used the World Cup as a reason to come to Moscow,” Putin said, adding that he was glad of the opportunity to discuss the problems facing the Palestinians.

Abbas told the Russian leader of his concerns over US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the country’s embassy to Jerusalem, as well as Israeli settlement activity.

We are resisting attempts by the Americans to impose their decisions on the most sensitive problems of Palestine,” Russian news agencies quoted him as saying in translated remarks.

“As you know, our relations with the US are not going through the best period in their history now. You also know that we have stopped all our contacts with the Americans. This is connected to the fact that they are trying to carry out the so-called deal of the century, and we think that the first step on the way to that plan was the shifting of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

According to Ynet news, While Israel and Hamas exchange fire in Gaza on Saturday, Palestinian President Abbas meets with Russian President Putin in an effort to harness stronger ties with the Kremlin since freezing diplomatic relations with the US.

Voicing his anger over Trump’s embassy move, the Palestinian president also told his Russian counterpart that he was concerned over Israel’s plans to demolish the shack-filled Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, which Israel’s courts ruled was illegally built and which the IDF says poses a security risk.

Khan al-Ahmar was built without Israeli permits, which Palestinians say are impossible to obtain.

Abbas also emphasized relations between Russia and Palestine are truly special. We always find time to meet and continue the development of our cooperation. Our regular meetings help us discuss relevant issues at both bilateral and regional level. And we are always glad to listen to and receive benefit from your advice, including through your contacts with leaders of the countries of the region.

Israel’s military renewed airstrikes targeting Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Saturday afternoon a day after protests along the border in which two Palestinians were killed, one of them a teenager. More than 220 others were injured according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run Strip.

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