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MP Khoury mocks Bahrain regime: “Bring our children first,” then fights “Daash”

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Jordanian MP Tareq Khoury Mocked the Declaration of Al Khalifa regime to send military forces to support Jordan in the face of the organization Daash.
Khoury said that the seven wonders of the world were “became eight”, in reference to the sending regime in Bahrain to support his troops to Jordan. Khoury asking Alkhalifa regime it first have to return “our children”, and then look to support the other, pointing to the Jordanian military forces that are involved in Bahrain in the suppression of popular protest.

Khoury said Al khalifa regime who fought with al Daash in Syria, and asked the whether it has been the face of these MPs and fight them, and added Khoury, that the regime in Bahrain, who announced that he would fight terrorism, it has to remember that the deputy head of parliament Adel AL moawdah and a number of MPs , “fought with the terrorists of Syria”, and called on the regime to fight them first. Khoury expressed standing with the sufferings of the Bahrani people, regardless of sect, expressing fears of a “sectarian retrenchment” that surrounds the area.

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