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Mufti of Saudi Arabia : Muslim Brotherhood , “Daash”and Jabha Alnesra are not muslim( Kafer) !!

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive ) – El-Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said those belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization of the Islamic State (Daash), and Front victory are not Muslims ( Kafer ) , in a fatwa of unprecedented stamped Islamic Sunni groups, al-Sheikh said, according to Al-Hayat : “The militant groups of Daash, and the victory, and the Muslim Brotherhood astray nor Islam has nothing. According to the newspaper that the mufti replied to a question during a scientific workshop was delivered in the mosque of Imam Turki bin Abdullah in Riyadh , about Daash , the victory front and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“If you look at (these groups), you find that they do not have Islam in relation, and they showoff in Islam for their opinions and their whims and deceive people, and they are wrong, and profaned the blood, violated the cultures ,looted money,corrupted in the ground,robbed countries without right, and the whole way are void. “

It is noteworthy that the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, hardly a week goes not issues a fatwa, that be controversial and widely up to resonate to the world media, as it is in the last week said the site “Twitter” the source of the evils and temptations, and before that week attacked criticized perform the Saudi government in Hajj , alluding to the preacher Mohammad Arifi, who criticized the Mecca Metro, and was arrested because of it.



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