Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (S.W.T)


SHAFAQNA- “O Prophet! Indeed we have sent you as a witness, as a bearer of good news and as a warner and as a summoned to Allah by His permission, and as a radiant lamp.” (Quran 33:45, 46)
The Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P), when a Jew asked him about the reason for him being called Muhammad, Ahmad, Abu al-Qasim, Bashir, Nadhir, and Dai – he replied, ‘As for Muhammad, I am praised [mahmud] in this earth, and Ahmad is that I am praised in the Heaven. As for Abu al-Qasim, Allah will divide the Day of Resurrection into two parts; the part (qisma) of Hell, and those who disbelieve in me from among the first ones to the last ones will be in the Hellfire; and the part of Heaven, and whoever believes in me from among the first ones to the last ones, and has acknowledged my prophet hood will be in Heaven. Al-Dai [the caller] is that I call people to the religion of my Lord Almighty. Al-Nadhir [the warner] is that I warn people who disobey me about the Hellfire. Al-Bashir [bringer of good news] is that I bring the good news of Heaven to those who obey me.’
(Maani al-Akhbar, p. 52, no.2)

Ref: Shia Hadith Website

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