MUHARRAM SERIES – Morning of Ashura

SHAFAQNA – During the night of Ashura the Imam and his companions offered prayers, sought Divine forgiveness, and made supplications. Night eventually came to an end, and the first morning light called all to ready their arm and steady their hearts.

It has been written by Shaykh Mufid in Al-Irshad and by Tabari in Tarikh that after dawn prayers the Imam arrayed his companions, out of whom thirty-two were mounted and forty were on foot. He entrusted the command of the right wing to Zuhayr ibn Qayn and that of left wing to Habib ibn Mazahir and also entrusted the standard to his brother Abbas.

Umar ibn Sad also arrayed his forces in the morning of that day. He entrusted the command of the right wing to Amr ibn Hajjaj Zubaydi, the left wing to Shimr ibn Jawshan, the mounted soldiers to Azra ibn Qays Ahmadi and the infantrymen to Shith ibn Rabie and gave the standard in the hand of his slave.

Imam Sajjad remembered of Karbala: “The son of the Prophet’s daughter was killed when he was thirsty and hungry.”

Before thousands came crashing onto his company, Imam Hussain raised his hands to the Heavens and cried: “O Lord! I depend on you in every affliction and am hopeful of Your blessing in every hardship. In every difficulty with which I am faced, You are my only remedy and resort.

There have been many embarrassments which weakened my heart and no remedy for it was available. The friends did not assist me and the enemies rejoiced at my misfortune. However, when I ceased to seek assistance from everyone except You and sought the remedy only from You, You provided me solace and relief and removed the difficulty. Every blessing and goodness reaches us from You and everything should be sought from You only.”




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