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Mullahism – A solution for Afghanistan from Prince Ali Seraj

SHAFAQNA – I think, maybe, the time has come for all of us Afghans to reveal ourselves as Mullahs and claim leadership of the these so called Taliban Jokesters and meet with the ghost of Mullah Omar.  When will this comedy end?  Shakespeare could not have written a better comedy than what Pakistan is producing for the American Administration audience. Does the USA honestly believe that these pranksters have the mental capability and capacity to deliver what is undeliverable? Just because an ass—- puts on a turban, grows a beard and gives himself the title of mullah this or mullah that, gives him the power to rid Afghanistan of all the crud that the ISI has bestowed upon us?  Give me a break.

Fellow Afghans and caring American friends, we cannot waste more time with this garbage. We must create a group right here in the USA and hold a symposium or a Press conference to show the US Congress, the US Citizenry and the world that what is being put forth as a way to peace in Afghanistan is nothing more than a charade created by Pakistan.
We must confront the enemy on International Media and reveal the real facts to the international community.  This cannot be accomplished by one or two Afghans.  We must gather the right Afghan Diaspora and once for all, convince the USA to stop gambling with Afghanistan’s future and the Afghan peoples’ lives.  These useless and wasteful behind the scenes actions and talks must end. There are no “Mullahs” who have control over all the terror groups that Pakistan has driven into and are supporting in, Afghanistan. As President George Bush said, “You are either with us or against us”.
No more lies. No more lives. No more waste of money.  We need action, not distraction.
I do not blame our American friends for being fed up with Afghanistan. They have sacrificed their children’s lives, their tax monies and their country’s integrity and yet after almost 15 years, they have nothing to show for it.
Sure, more Afghans are being educated, but there are also thousands of those being educated are fleeing the country.  They rather beg at the doors of Europe for sanctuary than stay home and either die of hunger and poverty for lack of jobs or die for lack of security.  Sure there are more highways, but what good are they when the terrorists control most of it. Economic progress is almost non-existent.  That can only come when security and peace takes hold in the country. Teaching girls skate boarding, or women in burqas skiing in Bamyan, or one lonely woman driving a cab, or a woman climbing a mountain where all Afghans, men and women, are mountain climbers anyway,  is good for Hollywood, but not good enough for Afghanistan.
If President Obama wants Afghanistan to be  a positive part of his legacy, then he must act now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that Afghanistan’s problems are not internal borne, but delegated from outside, from Pakistan.  Regardless of how much Pakistan acts as if they truly want peace and are willing to bring these so called “Afghan Taliban” to the table, they still have grave concerns over the Durand Line. So long as that is an issue, they will continue to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and will only be satisfied unless or until they install a government of their liking, totally under their control.  Thus their insistence on pushing for peace with “Afghan Taliban”.
As the saying in Afghanistan goes, “They are cutting our throats with a feather”
In my previous blog I wrote about the creation of a Central Asian Common Market, consisting of the six Islamic nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, overseen by six major nations of USA, Russia, Germany, China, France and England. This in my opinion is the only realistic and positive plane to achieve peace in the region through economic development.  So, instead of pussyfooting with unrealistic and non-sustainable plans for peace, the powers to be, must stand behind a plan that will result in success.
If there is a better plan, short of gambling with Afghanistan’s security and freedom, we would like hear about it.
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