Muslim clerics honor-bound to propagate tolerance among youth

SHAFAQNA – Chairman of the International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO) Dr. Abdullah Al-Maatouq underscored on Thursday the role of Muslim clerics in imbuing the tenets of non-violence and tolerance among Muslim youth.
Muslim clerics and religious scholars bear the responsibility of preaching non-violence and tolerance of others’ religions and faiths and discrediting extremist creeds and erroneous interpretation of Islam to the region’s youth, said Dr. Al-Maatouq, in remarks to KUNA on the sideline of his participation in a forum here on disseminating peace and tolerance among Muslim people, especially the youth.
He stressed that misinterpreting Islamic dogma and bending it to one’s own biases, proclivities, and predispositions was currently posing an immense problem in the region.
He urged the youth and those uninformed about religious matters to consult with clerics well-known for their moderation in thought and interpretation of religious texts and for their scholarly qualifications.
Regarding his participation in the forum here, he said he supervised a workshop dealing with the notions of war, peace, Jihad, treatment of non-Muslims and other religious-based topics as should be properly understood and practiced by informed Muslims.
The workshop dealt with all these concepts which are currently the core of debate among numerous Muslim interpreters of these ideas, he said.
Regarding Kuwait’s stance on these ideas, he said Kuwait was a leader in the region in bolstering all concepts of moderation, non-violence, and tolerance and has shown that in its hosting and sponsoring numerous events touting these concepts. (end) ash.ajs

Source : Kuwait News Agency

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