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Muslim Congress Statement following Donald Trump’s xenophobic remarks

SHAFAQNA – The following is a statement by the Muslim Congress in response to Donald Trump’s mounting Islamophobic remarks against Muslims and Islam.

“The republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, continues to disparage Islam with his rhetoric. On a recent national TV interview he responded with a “I think Islam hates us” comment, when he was asked whether he thought there was a war between US and Islam.

Late last year Trump suggested that we should stop Muslims from entering the US and also hinted of creating a database of Muslims. Such controversial comments have resulted in a backlash on Muslim Americans from individuals who take Trump’s provocative words seriously, as though Islam is truly at war with the US. Needless to say there is neither any substance to such statements nor support for them among the Muslim community at large. It is unfortunate and shocking that a potential future president of the US would utter such sentiments to gain political leverage during election season, playing on the emotions of voters who have perhaps very little knowledge about Islam or Muslims. In this growing climate of hate-mongering and Islamophobia our message is clear: Love  humanity. Islam is a religion of compassion, marcy and love. Muslim Congress urges Mr Trump to retract these baseless proclamations that instigate fear and hatred. Lets take a stand to ensure justice for all, peace for the entire humanity, respect for all humans to lead a life of dignity and values.”

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