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Muslim-Jewish think tank establishment in Germany

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SHAFAQNA- Officials from the Jewish Association of Ernest Ludwig Erlich, along with officials from the Avicenna (Ibn Sina) Islamic Association, will launch the Muslim-Jewish think tank in the near future. The German social and political issues are supposed to be considered in this Think Tank.

There are plans to create a “think tank” for Jews and Muslims, according to Shafaqna, cited by the Iranian Embassy in Germany.

“However, the think tank could not yet be founded this year,” Joe Frank, Executive Director of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich association at the Jewish Congress in Berlin, said.

He hopes, however, that the foundation will succeed at the latest in the first half of 2019.

According to Frank, the planned “think tank” was established for research in the field of social and political affairs, and its idea was first given by Avicenna association. Both associations are on the list of important educational institutions in Germany.

Soon, groups are formed in order to plan for the think tank. Anyone who wants to be present in this program, can start their activities through these groups.

Frank believes that, one of the topics that the think tank could consider, for example, is the question of common goals of Jews and Muslims, they also talk about how members of these religions could gain access to parliaments and the media. In addition, the two groups should talk about racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and ways to deal with them. Frank also sees this program as an opportunity for more studies and research.

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