Muslim women fight back over PM Cameron “submissiveness” comment


Earlier this week Britain’s PM David Cameron made a political faux pas when he expressed his disdain of Muslim women, arguing that their alleged “submissiveness” had allowed for radicalisation to go rampant in the UK.

Angered by such blatant racism and sectarian labelling Muslim women fired back at PM Cameron through social media – offering an interesting insight into how prejudices can actually distort our social reality.

Muslim women have been tweeting Prime Minister David Cameron to highlight their professional achievements after he suggested the demographic suffered from a traditional submissiveness, which could be resolved by language training.

The irate tweeters were up in arms about what he is alleged to have termed the “traditional submissiveness of Muslim women,” suggesting it was a factor in radicalization.

His view was reported on January 17 shortly before he called for Muslim women to learn English so they could act as a brake on extremism.

The “traditionally submissive” hashtag started to appear on Sunday.
One woman tweeted out her role in the National Health Service (NHS), saying: “Muslim women are not a problem that needs solving.




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