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Muslims, Christians give ‘Message of Hope’ during Sallah Festival in Zaria, Nigeria / Pics

SHAFAQNA – The Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria orgainsed 2015 Sallah Feast (Great Eid or al-Adha celebration) on Sunday the 4th of October 2015. The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheik Ibraheem Zakzaky met with guests from different works of life and other members of various churches. The program was held at Husainiyyah Baqiyattulah of Zaria.

In his the Chairman of the Resource Forum Dr. Abdullahi Danladi welcomes the guests to the sixth Feast program.

After the lunch, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a short address. He started by explaining how the idea of creating Resource Forum was conceived which is to serve as a Forum where intellectual resources working in various sectors of the economy can come together. He added that while they were in schools as students in the 70s there existed different ideologies regarding the future of the country adding that after the school days most of the activists hardly come together.

On the current situation affecting the nation, Sheikh Zakzaky said in Nigeria things are falling apart as none of the sectors are spared and reform cannot come from bad individuals who are installed in the helm of the affairs. Sheikh Zakzaky explained further that majority of people are good, it is only small section that are bad and are left to run the affairs.

He therefore said reform cannot be expected from a people who spoilt and destroyed almost everything.  He noted that desired change and reform can only be expected from good people ‘it is duty and responsibility on each and every one of us to contribute towards desired change and reform as neither a people will be sent from outside the country nor angels will  be sent to correct things. It is our responsibility to do it for the betterment of future generations’

On the importance of Sallah Feast gathering, the leader said discussing about things as they affect people during such gathering really make impact. He called on every individual to give his/her contribution sincerely to the best of capacity as there is good hope for desired change one day.

Sheikh Zakzaky noted that everyone’s contribution is needed and will be rewarded by Allah accordingly here and hereafter. He expressed that even if one does not believe in the hereafter, there are many signs which show it exists and appropriate reward awaits individual.

He concluded by praying for safe return for all the guests to their various destinations and a better future for the Ummah.

Among invited guests are Prof Dahiru Yahaya, Pastor Barrister Salomon Dalung from Jos, Dr Yusuf Nadabo HOD Botany Dept. Kaduna State University and Alhaji Isa Dauda. Others are Pastor Yohanna Buru, Dr Abdullahi Wase and Tahir Abdullahi PRO KADP.


In his comment Barrister Pastor  Solomon Dalung who greeted the gathering with Islamic greeting expressed gratitude for the invitation and noted that Christians too are among nation of Prophet Muhammad(SAWA). He lamented that among both Muslim clerics and Pastors are those who exchanged teachings for worldly gains.

He expressed profound gratitude for having Sheikh Zakzaky among the people for his working hard to bring people together.

Pastor Dalung further called for mutual cooperation to fight common enemies. He called for peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among Muslim and Christian faithful. To further strengthen unity between Muslims and Christians, pastor Dalung called for mutual understanding.

On the issue of peace, he said there will be no peace when justice is lacking as injustice is prevalent in many forms in Nigeria and outside adding that United Nation cannot be  considered as a body promoting justice unless it gives Palestinians their own state as a sovereign country.


In his comment Pastor Yohannd Buru thanked the organizers of the gatherings. He expressed his joy and appreciation on the good manner Muslims under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky handle Christians.

Mallam Yahaya Gilima gave vote of thanks address.

Sallah (Salah) Festival

eb03dd112d6fa8378b4ccb0826633970Eid al-Adha is an occasion of much pomp and ceremony in Nigeria, where it is also known as the Durbar Festival or Sallah Feast . This is the culmination of the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and a day of communal prayer.

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