Muslims determined to revitalize Detroit neighborhood

SHAFAQNA - Two nonprofits that were founded by Muslim Americans are bringing a Detroit neighborhood back to life.

The nonprofits, Neighborly Needs and Indus Community Action Network are working on the Dream of Detroit Project together.

The Dream of Detroit Project started on Waverly Street. To date three of five houses in the first phase of the five-year-project have been completed according to Thaddeus Shakoor, the president of Neighborly Needs.

The two organizations plan to transform a total of 35 homes and purchase the vacant Longfellow Elementary School that is located in the neighborhood they are revitalizing.

Plans are also underway to create commercial spaces for stores and agencies near the Huda Clinic, a medical center that was also founded by Muslim Americans to help provide medical treatment to the uninsured.

Waseem Ullah, a medical doctor and Muslim Pakistani American is the founder of ICAN. He said his Islamic faith is what pushed him to start a nonprofit and  want to give back to the needy.

Before partnering the two groups shared the same goal of building a vibrant neighborhood near the Muslim Center of Detroit located on Davison.


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