Muslims distribute food in US during Ramadan

SHAFAQNA - During the month of Ramadan Muslims with the nonprofit charity Islamic Relief USA have driven to cities across the country to distribute food to families in need – including members of the Goshute Tribe in western Utah, where “unemployment and lack of income have created generational poverty,” according to a news release from Islamic Relief USA.

“The Tribal Nations are the original inhabitants of North America, and their vibrant cultures have benefited all Americans. It is Islamic Relief USA’s honor to be a partner with various Native American organizations, assisting them to promote healthy and sustainable communities,” the release says.

Islamic Relief USA is set to distribute over 3,000 food packages, which include food, such as rice, pasta, beans, cheese and dates. One package is meant for 4 people. In Goshutes in Ibapah, near the Nevadah-Utah border, the activists distributed the packages to 30 families, approximately 150 people.

Since boxes also had some non-traditional stuff, such as dates and hummus. Elvira Murphy, director of an education program on the reservation, said, “Our families might prepare some meals tonight with some different tastes.”

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