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Muslims in Australia are here for spiritual sanctuary

SHAFAQNA – A group of Sydney-based Muslims and their teacher are using Queenstown as a “spiritual sanctuary” during a five-day visit to the resort.

A member, Sev Ince, said the 45-strong group were students of Muslim scholar and lecturer Shaykh Soner Coruhlu.

The group held a public lecture about spirituality at St Peter’s Church Hall on Sunday.

It had been well-attended, and the parish had “opened its doors to us for peaceful dialogue”, she said.

“We are very touched by the Kiwi hospitality and have chosen Queenstown as our spiritual sanctuary to connect with God in the presence of the surreal natural beauty of Otago and its equally beautiful residents.”

Their teacher, Mr Coruhlu, was raised in Sydney and had been involved in interfaith dialogue for more than 15 years, she said.

He was also the founder of faith-based comics publisher Prophecy Comics.

The group returns to Australia tomorrow.

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