Muslims in Canada react to sex-ed program in schools – other faiths join in

SHAFAQNA – Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum is still raising eyebrows, mostly among religious groups whose values clash with the liberal ethos the new curriculum promotes.

The most strident challenge comes from Islam.

In fact, many Muslim leaders appear to be formulating a unified response to the curriculum, which is to be taught in schools starting in September.

“We deplore the proposed curriculum’s inadequate coverage of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We question the age appropriateness of some of the content and the fact parents were not properly consulted by Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government. However, we agree with the curriculum’s broad intention to make children aware of the dangers they face in a world awash with sexual content and lures,” read a statement written by a group of Canadian Imams.

One local imam sees the curriculum in political terms, and proposes a “correct Muslim response”.

Many other religious communities, including Christians and Jews have joined in the protest, calling on officials to review their position regarding sexual education.



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