Muslims in the US are stepping their charity footprint to promote solidarity and tolerance

SHAFAQNA - A Muslim center in Farmington Hills, Michigan will hold its annual food donation drive Saturday, July 11 to help about 1,000 families in 40 different southeastern Michigan communities.

Volunteers from the Tawheed Center on West 10 Mile Road will start packing the food at 10 a.m. at the Sam’s Club dock area located at 32625 Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills. The food will then be delivered by volunteers to various sites throughout the region.

“It is the culmination of all my worship as it brings together both serving humanity as well as fulfilling my spiritual obligations. The food drive for me is putting my faith into action by serving the less fortunate to serve God,” said Asim Khan, an organizer of the event.

The food drive is part of the Ramadan Fight Against Hunger Campaign of Michigan Muslim Community Council.

Open to Muslims and non-Muslims this charitable effort aims to promote solidarity throughout the greater community and help people understand that their neighbors are there to support them in their hour of need.

At such a time when tensions have arisen, amplified by economic difficulties and harsh political narrative many Muslims feel it is their duty to step up their game and show the real face of Islam by giving to others.

“Deeds speak louder than words and all we’re trying to do here is fight the evil of Islamophobia and hate in general by replacing it with a good. Those are the Islamic principles we strive to live and by and those are the principles we want people to associate with Islam,” said Khan.

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