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Must the seeker of the truth be satisfied with Divine Destiny?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated: The more knowledgeable person among the people is the one who is more satisfied with Divine Destiny [1].  It is reported that in the Saffayn War, Ammar (RA) stood with his sword between two rows (of fighters) and said: “O’ Allah (SWT), if I knew that God’s satisfaction is in that I throw myself in the sea, and the water suffocates me, I would have done so. And if I knew that God’s satisfaction is in that I place my sword on the ground and place my stomach on the sharp edge of it so that it can come out of my back, without that I would have done so. But today I realized that your satisfaction is that I support Imam Ali (AS) and fight Moawiyeh.” This moral attributes gave Ammar (RA) his greatness, dignity and generosity. Being satisfied with Divine Destiny does not mean a submissive attitude to events [2], but the human being must try and act according to his/her own capacity as it is mentioned in Ayah 286 of Surah Al-Baqarah: “On no soul doth Allah (SWT) place a burden greater than it can bear.”

[1] Al-Kafi, Vol.2, Page 60.

[2] Darsi as Ayatollah Meshkini, Ofoq Howzeh, No. 302.

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