Muzmatch, a matchmaking app exclusively for Muslims

SHAFAQNA  – Finding the perfect match just got simpler for Muslims worldwide. An exclusive free app, Muzmatch, helps those looking for their dream partners within the community. The app has been built keeping in mind privacy concerns, security features, and user ease.

The application

Muzmatch users get access to new profiles every day based on their area of residence. If the profile interests the user, he/she needs to swipe right, if not, then he/she should swipe left. The swipes are anonymous. Only when both the subscribers swipe right – that is, the interest is mutual — will they be allowed to exchange messages.

Muzmatch enables users to view member profiles, send and receive instant messages, control photo access, and block members, if so desired.

Behaviour filtering

Any offensive language used by members in their messages will be automatically deleted. Inappropriate conversations can be reported to the Muzmatch team. Members who receive notices for inappropriate conduct will be penalised – their profiles will not be widely circulated, and also carry a warning indicative of the wrong conduct.

A guardian (wali) can be set up on the member’s account. The member’s guardian receives an e-mail of all the messages that have been sent and received on that account. The matches too, are notified to the guardian, thereby making the whole process transparent.

Photo privacy too is guaranteed and till the interest is not reciprocated, the image appears blurred to any person viewing the profile.

From a website to an app

Shahzad Younas, Founder and CEO of Muzmatch, had started this venture as a matrimonial website. But he soon realised that professionals needed something more private and convenient, something like an app, to check out prospective partners while on the go.

Shahzad, who quit his high-paying job as a vice president at Morgan Stanley, after handling equity portfolio for nine years, says, “Browsing through profiles on websites and messaging potential matches through e-mails can be time consuming and sometimes e-mails even get overlooked. I realised that the days of matchmaking over websites are over, and thus was born Muzmatch.”

Muzmatch is a self-sustaining model and so far the startup has been bootstrapped. Founder Shahzad first taught himself how to build Apple and Android apps in about a month’s time. He then went on to build his app for both the platforms within five months.

Talking about his future plans, Shahzad says, “We are going to approach private investors to re-launch the app globally with a marketing strategy in place. There are plans to have more localised versions as well, and a direct marketing campaign for key regions.”

The response has been overwhelming with the app adding almost a hundred new members every day. Says Shahzad, “It feels great. We have created over 9,000 matches within a month and a half, which is amazing. Feedback from the community has been great too.”


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