My heart flutters


SHAFAQNA – Will my resting solely in You guarantee me rest in this life?

My heart flutters to and fro,
and my patience is as delicate as glass.
If I find myself alone in a forest,
beset by animals hungry and wild,
is my flesh what feeds them?
If every strike is lethal,
then I wish to die in Your Arms,
for the only security I have in this life is You.
If I am part of the circle of life,
and I am left by my circumstances
in the desert to die,
and if You let the vultures eat my flesh,
then my soul will soar to You
for the infinite blessings I was promised to receive at
being torn to pieces in honor of You.
If I cast a glance at another, for just a moment,
will You break all ties with me?
Will You toss me into the abyss and say that
my love was not true?
What love can be truer than the one I give to You?
For all lesser love’s affairs find fault, and yet
You know my heart perfectly
as it has alternately been created by
and given to You, so then will you
not allow one speck of dust’s affection for another
to fly free from my soul?
Or is this the cause of my Annihilation,
that collects every particle of my being, as if by magnet,
and sends it in one straight line back to You?
By Kawther Rahmani
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