Nasrallah: Clashes in the region are political but some are misusing religion in this situation

SHAFAQNA – In his interview with Alakhbaria, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said: When Shah of Iran who was an ally of US was in power, no Arab country or Mufti talked about Iran or Shia Islam and no one protested against Saudis having relation with him or Shias. But when Islamic Republic gained victory and relation with Israel was cut, we witnesses a new policy and language against Iran. Regarding Syria, Nasrallah added: The government of Syria is in place and the enemies who wanted to dominate Syria have not succeeded. He pointed to Saudi aggression in Yemen and said: Saudis started the war against Yemen and then went to Arab countries to justify its aggression, It is best for Saudis to stop the war and allow discussions to take place and allow Yemenis to solve their problems.

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