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Nasrollah: I walked kilometers in Bekka, our situation is very strong

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a meeting with scholars and preachers on the approach of the month of Muharram, Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah stressed the need for unity and acting opposite what Da’esh and other extrimist groups are doing. He invited all to strong participation of Ashura ceremonies and said: We do not allow spilling anyone’s blood and will not allow anyone to spill our blood. He pointed to his recent visit of Bekka Valley stating the aim was to make sure of the situation there and said: I found out about the events there and walked kilometers. I will assure you that our situation is very strong and our plans are very progressive and satble. We are ready to face any armed groups.

The General Secretary of Hezbollah said: The armed groups are unable to enter any spot in Bekka. They can not do so because they are surrounded and are in tight corner. They have 2 choices; either die of cold or go to Lebanon or Syria in civilian clothes. Nasrollah added: We are in axis of resistance and our fighting in Syria is to defend Lebanon and we are in a golden opportunity to break up the Tafiri plans. He described the western-Arabic coalition’s fight against Da’esh as cutting short the nails of this terrorist group and warn them not to come close to Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Erbil. The airstrikes from the start till now is not equal even to one day of Israel’s attack on Lebanon in the 33 day war. Nasrollah mentioned that the US is using Da’esh as a scarecrow for the region’s countries to frighten them, to destroy their abilities in order to dominate the region totally especially Iraq and Syria.

Source: Al-Akhbar

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