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Is it necessary to believe in the eternal life?

SHAFAQNA – The late author Foroughi in the second volume of his book Ayeen-e-Sokhanvari, translated the great speeches, lectures and sermons of the world (into Farsi); and amongst them there are a few lectures from Victor Hugo, the French author. In one of his excellent lectures, Hugo said: By the way, if the human being thinks that he/she is extinct after this life and there is absolute extinction, then the life (of this world) would be worthless (and without any meaning). The point which makes the life (of this world) enjoyable, and gives warmth to the human being’s heart, and expands the human being’s horizon, is the same thing which religion gives to the human being. Meaning; having the belief in the eternal life, (having the) belief in eternity, (having the) belief in the survival of the human being, and (having the) belief in that you, the human being, you will not be destroyed and you will remain, you are bigger than this world, this world is a small and temporary abode, this world is just a cradle, for your infancy/childhood, the greater period is another era [1].

[1] Insan va Sarnevesht, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 105.

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