New bills by Quebec government target Muslims

SHAFAQNA – According to Huffington Post, the government of Quebec has introduced two bills, both targeting Muslims.

The first one to stanch the radicalization of Muslim youth through a 59-point plan that includes expanding the powers of Quebec’s Human Rights Commission to probe hate speech, enhancing training for police and teachers to recognize signs of radicalization, dedicating a police unit to patrol social media and establishing a hotline staffed by social workers to advise families and friends of suspected extremists.

There are also plans to set up a $2 million “anti-radicalization center” in Montreal, the first of its kind in North America.

The other bill is aimed at barring public servants from wearing face-covering religious garments at work, and preventing members of the public from covering their faces while receiving government services.

Many members of the Muslim community in Quebec have expressed concerns that the measures would target Muslims only and reinforce the belief that Muslims are a threat.

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