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Is it a new phenomenon to act like Genghis Khan but talk like Jesus (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Hypocrisy and double standard is to present the truth upside down, or in another words to present anything with new name and wrap it up in a super attractive exterior, and then spread it among the human beings in order to confuse everyone. This is a new phenomenon from a new group. In the past it was not like this; Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Thaqafi or Muslim ibn Aqabah, used to come to Medina and say: O’ people of Medina; you must swear allegiance to Yazid to be his slaves. He did not used to say: I have come to set you free, used to say: I have come to make you slaves! Hajjaj ibn Yusuf used to say whatever was in his heart; but Nixon, or Stalin, or Khrushchev is the same as Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, and Muslim ibn Aqabah with the difference that they act like Hajjaj, like Genghis Khan, but speak like Jesus (AS); this is really strange, and this is a dangerous phenomenon in our society [1].

[1] Panzdah Goftar, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), PP 108-109.

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