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New plan for more orderly pilgrimage in Razavi holy burial chamber

SHAFAQNA – Assistant of Sacred Premises and Pilgrims Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi reported the start of a new plan for making the pilgrimage more orderly and organized in the Holy Burial Chamber.

Sayed Khalil Munabbati said, “With respect to the ever-increasing population growth and the facilitated transportation by cars, trains, and planes, the number of pilgrims of the Razavi Holy Shrine has consequently grown largely and since all pilgrims are eager to visit the Holy Burial Chamber of Imam Reza (A.S.), the huge crowd of pilgrims in this holy place has caused problems especially for patients, the elderly, children, and pregnant women.”

“In the new plan, visiting the Holy Burial Chamber will be possible through two sites around the Zarih in the orderly lines of pilgrims who can attend in the Holy Burial Chamber from the head side and foot side of Hazrat (A.S.)”, he remarked.

The new plan started following the investigations over the space around the Holy Zarih and the implementation of this plan experimentally in the Dar al-Ijabah portico last month that brought about pilgrims’100 percent satisfaction”, Assistant of Sacred Premises and Pilgrims Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi said.

Stressing on cooperation of pilgrims with the servants of the Holy Shrine, he said, “We request dear pilgrims to cooperate with their servants in the Holy Burial Chamber by observing order and discipline so as to provide for a spiritual and relaxed pilgrimage for themselves and other pilgrims.”

“It is appropriate that pilgrims observe the practical manners of pilgrimage during pilgrimage so that they could be favored by the special attention and grace of Imam Reza (A.S.)”, Munabbati said at the end.

It is notable that the telephone No. +98 (51) 32003200 and the SMS center +98 (51) 30007878 is available for the pilgrims to receive their opinions, ideas, and recommendations round-the-clock.

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