New study: Oil is the reason for foreign intervention

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The new study by British universities published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution considers oil as a dominant motivating factor in conflicts, and argues hydrocarbons heavily influenced the West’s military intervention in Libya. It also suggests oil plays a noteworthy factor in the US-lead war against ISIS (Da’esh terrorist group).

Dr. Vincenzo Bove, of the University of Warwick, said ISIS received little attention from Western media until they reached the oil rich Kurdish region of northern Iraq. The report found that foreign governments’ decision to intervene was largely dominated by their desire to control oil supplies in conflict-ridden states, while historical, geographic and cultural/ethnic ties were far less important.

The researchers revealed that the USA maintains a military presence in Persian Gulf states that produce oil, and has a long history of backing despotic regimes despite the US administration’s supposed agenda of democratization.

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